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Visiting the "Terrycot Worries" (you will see)

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Finally getting some fresh air, after a long 28 hours cooped up on the train, was fantastic. The platform was crowded and seemed like a sea of heads all at least a foot beneath my eye level all bobbing towards the exit tunnel. So like a boat without sail I let the current of people take me in the same direction down through the exit ramps and out to the front of the station. On exiting the station I was taken aback by the huge wall (part of the city wall surrounding the whole city) at least 20 meters in height straight ahead of me blocking my path, before I got to it though I ran into another wall, of people this time, blocking me from getting to the city wall and the buses. Finding a gap in the human blockade I Navigated my way through the islands of people in the station grounds and headed to the bus station dead ahead of me, as my directions had indicated it would be. As soon as I made it across the road the bus that I had been directed to catch appeared round the corner and pulled in, getting on proved difficult due to the small gap and very low ceiling, challenges for my height and my bag, but I overcame them just to realise my wallet was lacking a single Yuan to pay for the bus, thankfully the driver waved me on as the big westerner was clearly blocking everyone else from getting on the bus (my bad), on sitting down though a local girl probably half pitying and half mocking me gave me a Yuan.

“Get on 602 bus sit on bus get off after sixth stop turn right and go down alley hostel on left” this is what my directions to the hostel said clear simple and to the point I hear you say until you follow such directions and they take you to a part of town were the police don’t even know where the road I’m trying to find is and the bus boy from the big fancy hotel can’t even find a taxi driver who knows where it is, until his 4th attempt. Finally the 4th taxi knows where the hostel is and I get there. After I had checked in I ask about the directions and it turns out the ‘6’ include the stop you get on at plus 2 stops aren’t being used at the moment for road works, helpful huh?

In any case I still got there and what a place, converted from an original Chinese courtyard house this place was full of character and history but with modern advantages like the central courtyard getting a roof enabling the courtyard to be part of the bar and have a cool outdoor indoors feel. The balcony walls looking into the central courtyard were all covered in messages and pictures from previous visitors; thanking staff, complimenting the hostel and leaving messages about all sorts of things and what they were doing there. The Room I was lead to, by a member of staff, was huge considering there were only 6 beds in it the beds were very comfy as well as having free Chinese tea every day so after a cup and settling I crashed out and slept like a rock.


For my stay I actually had plans but not in detail so after my usual and initial day of local exploring and a free Dumpling party, involving making cooking and eating FREE dumplings, I spent the next day finalising those plans plus working out what I was to do for the rest of my time in china before hitting up Vietnam as my time here is slowly running out (I have updated the map and itinerary if you want to see, the dates might be a little different from what I actually do -->;). The following day was used for putting plans into action had a wonder around a street market and around the wall then headed off to the train station to book my next set of tickets to Chengdu this proved immensely difficult with the hordes of people blocking everything so after an hour of trying i gave up and headed back to the hostel to book up my tour to see the Terracotta warriors and ran into a new guy in my room, Simon, who after speaking to the front desk was told the best time to buy tickets is at around 2300 so after dinner a few beers and talking we went off to the station and had tickets to our destinations within minutes (typical really). We decided to walk back through the city as it was a nice evening and both wanted to find some street food. The Walk back found us some awesome dumplings and seeing the illuminated bell tower and drum tower was well worth the hour and a half walk. After getting back at about two and having worn ourselves out we called it a night. Next morning for me was Terracotta warrior day so I was up and out after a quick breakfast by 9.


The tour guide was waiting in the lobby for the group, a total of 7 people, to take us to the minivan (for a trip that would take about 2 hours each way plus the 90 Yuan entry was a bargain at 160 Yuan about £15) and once everyone was there the tour began. the journey out of town was nice being filled in by the tour guide on the history of I’m pretty sure was the whole of china, but specifically Xian and the ‘Terrycot worries’ as he put it, well worth the money. Before the warriors we headed to a reproduction factory that was fairly pointless and mainly a place to try and sell us stuff but had some cool handmade furniture of the traditional ilk. But most of us resisted and we got underway this part of the drive surprised me as there was very little around just farmland and more places riding the tourism bandwagon. We didn’t come across anything major until the last mile or so of the drive but when we got to the site of the warriors out of nowhere this whole town appeared with major companies, restaurants and all sorts of shops and of course loads of things to do with the Xian terracotta warriors. We got dropped off and walked up to the Pits. Here we asked to be taken to the least impressive pit first which immediately got the answer “pit 2” so we headed on through being told about how this was all found thanks to a farmer digging a well and finding a terracotta head. On entering pit 2 we were all shocked by two things, firstly, the size of the pit, secondly, how empty it was with just a few broken bits of bodies and horses and some exhibition showing a few bronze weapons and a couple of full size warriors of different ranks from; Kneeling archer, to standing archer, soldier, officer and a general. They looked impressive but were out of place and encased in glass not what I was expecting. We then headed on to Pit 3 the officers pit and planning room, this was a lot smaller but had terracotta soldiers in it and was impressive after spending a bit of time in there we moved on. As we walked along the side of this huge building our tour guide, Jason (English name), said this is Pit 1 shocked by this we picked up the pace to get inside. Well when we entered I think we were all lost for words, except Jason who went through the whole tour guide thing, the sheer size of the pit stunned us first then the fact it was filled with hundreds of figures, it took a couple seconds longer to comprehend. We were given half an hour to walk around the pit, almost 300m long and over 60m wide, on our own seeing all the ongoing excavation and pieced together Warriors was stunning (the Stanmore pig seemed to like it too). After spending our time here we checked out a video of the history and an onsite museum with a few extra things plus the marionettes used in the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony of a 16 meter tall terracotta warrior and 6 meter high girl representing china’s past and modern people. That concluded the tour and we headed back.


My final day did the boring packing and checking out thing then headed back into the hostel bar to book my hostel in Chengdu and get some food before my train journey that evening just 18 hours this time. At 4.30 I headed off to the station cramming myself and bag into the bus again then holding on tight (now I realise, the best way to describe buses in Xian and the rest of china, is like riding the knight bus from Harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, for you people who know what that is if not I’m Sure You tube will help). At the station I bought some pot noodles and oranges and somehow skipped the queues to the station and without having to wait this time was pointed straight to the platform and the train. Again after fighting through the train to my bunk I got myself comfortable this journey though I was fed and looked after by these two ladies instead of stared at the whole way which was great. This journey was easy as the majority was over night and I arrived late morning in Chengdu again after getting off the train I was forced along the platform to the exit by the sea of heads and upon exiting was greeted by a sign saying “Sim’s Cozy free pickup”...

So that is Xian and the journey to Chengdu next entry will be Chengdu take care.

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A cold, elongated week... But what a fortnight!

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Ok this is my entry for Shenyang I know I was here for a while but not intentionally, as there is very little to do in this city and was stupidly cold there may just be a lot of gibberish.
The train closed its doors and got underway. The train I was on was one of the new “D” trains very similar to the Japanese Bullet trains, just not quite as fancy from what I have heard people say about them. Never the less they still travel at a few hundred Kph and do the journey between Beijing and Shenyang in exactly three hours fifty nine minutes (yes I timed it as I was doubtful of my ticket, that said ‘journey time of 3.59’but it was dead on) with seats that had enough leg room for me and the little kid that kept walking between his dad to my right and grandparents behind me without any problem, on top of this the journey was comfortable and smooth so very pleased with it. Unfortunately as I sat on the train watching a movie on my laptop I kept seeing the information on the scrolling screen which among other things showed the outside temperature that was slowly dropping as we moved north starting at 1 °C but slowly it dropped below Freezing point and kept dropping till settling at a comfy -11 °C on arriving this meant there was a mad dig in my bag for extra layers. Walking through the freezing night air of the station platform I followed the crowd from the train to the exit and saw my lift and accommodation waiting for me after the barriers in the form of Kira. So after navigating the train station car park and bus terminal we hailed a cab, the only way of traveling around Shenyang due to a lack of buses plus no metro. The cab weaved its way through; red lights, gaps between walls and trucks more suitable for bikes than cars and horns blaring from all directions till finally after a U-turn on a huge crossroads we made it in one piece to Kira’s flat and dumped my stuff, made my bed on the couch, then headed off to the bar that I saw so much of and grew to love “The Green Mile” a cool relaxed place with cheap drinks overly generous measures of spirit and awesome people and the best pizza in Asia(courtesy of a yank justly named ‘pizza’ Steve). The Mile is a must go place if anyone gets to Shenyang.
If it wasn’t for spring festival my stay in Shenyang would have been much shorter, as said previously there is little to do in Shenyang but go to bars or other such places to chill. But, china struck again and the train to Xian, my next destination was booked up over a week ahead of when I wanted to go so was forced to stay in free accommodation and do what I do best, relax!
Drinking games at The Green Mile
Left to right; Tom, 'pizza' Steve, Casey, Kira, Jeanette

As I have said (more than once) there is little to do in Shenyang but what there was that interested me I did do. Firstly, the statue of Mao this is the largest in China and sits in the centre of a huge roundabout he is surrounded by soldiers (much similar to outside his mausoleum) and points out across the city I’m not sure what at but the Soldiers under him are fighting to go that way too. Secondly, the Qing (pronounced king) dynasty summer palace of the emperor this was very quiet and nowhere near as busy as the one in Beijing but was still pleasant and caked in history with a very rough past plus from what I under stood was damaged by fire, a fire lasting 3 weeks, and severely scarred by that. Thirdly, some of the parks but in the cold and ice were very little fun, dirty and very empty. Lastly the restaurants, in my time there I visited a fair few and one thing to conclude on Shenyang is it is a great place for nightlife, food and chilling out.
So eventually my time in Shenyang was coming to an end and after many; nights out, gatherings, parties and relaxed evenings at different bars and peoples apartments I put my cooking skills to use to do a thank you meal for Kira, for putting me up, Casey, for sorting me out at the mile (being the manager) and a couple of awesome nights at his awesome apartment, plus Tom, Ollie and Jeanette for showing me around and generally for a thank you, Which all went down a treat and justified as a good thank you.
Left to right; Kira, Casey, Tom, Ollie, Jeanete's plate

Finally the day of departure came around, after a hard night the previous evening spending little money, I awoke packed and bought the supplies for my 28 hour train to Xian then headed off to the station with no hassle or agro at the train station except the crowd which I kept clear of until the gate actually opened. As expected the train to Xian wasn’t as fancy as the “D” train to Shenyang but still comfortable enough while having a sleeper meant I could spread out, sleep and relax, EASY! The Journey was uneventful; I got used after 5 hours of a 13 year old boy constantly staring at me, got plenty of my journal written, read a large section of my book plus got a really high score on Pinball (and if you really want to know was over 10,000,000).
Pulling into Xian I joined in the mass exodus of the train and escaped into fresh air and began the next stage of my travels in Xian...
But that will be a separate entry coming shortly, take care.

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what i did in Beijing (finally)

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Ok so then Beijing, I am still writing in the past tense probably more than I was before but I have pictures and my hand written journal to look back at. Like I said previously I met up with a group of people the majority of which are with a company, T.T.C, teaching English across China. I spent a lot of time with different people from the group doing different things round Beijing a lot of which did involve drinking but still got the touristy stuff done.
So like usual the first day in a new place I just chilled and got along with getting used to another new country having a wonder around the block and importantly getting some money out as I was very low on local Yuan. That night I was invited along with everyone for drinks for Tony’s birthday at a place around the corner called smugglers a chilled little bar with cheap drinks and a great atmosphere this turned into drinking games and tony being escorted back to the hostel by Kirby (girlfriend), quite early I may add, a poor display by the American. The rest of the night ended in a nightclub opposite named Butterfly, surprisingly not a gay bar, and me being dragged around the street vender’s BBQs by Torra (German also teaching English). A good night had by all.
The next day we headed off to Wang fujin aka snack street where we twisted our way through crowds to try all sorts of crazy food on sticks including; scorpions, sea horses, dog, grub, centipedes, starfish(didn’t eat), silk worm etc (look at the photos when they go up) plus some very tasty strawberries in toffee again on a stick.
The day after, I went shopping with Tom, Ollie (couple) Jami, Blandine, Kira, Sebastian and Tommy to a big shopping district. Only looking for Gloves for two of us lads we split from the girls, letting girls do what girls do when shopping, and wandered around the 6 floor indoor market being offered all sorts of crap and rip off clothing. Unsuccessful after scouring every floor we headed out to a street market and me and Tommy immediately found gloves and practiced our haggling to get them for what they were worth. Again that night we went for drinks but not to just anywhere to a place called ‘BEER MANIA’, aptly named, which after a rumour heard by tom and later researched by him was due to have free beer till midnight!! A thing unheard off to all of us, but worth investigating and boy was it worth it true to their word the sign outside invited everyone in for free beer till midnight. On entering the bar we were still sceptical but we were warmly welcomed by the owner’s very drunk friend to help ourselves on the condition he could buy us all a shot, so as tough as it was to accept a free drink ahead of a full night of free drinks we let him and let the good times roll.
As you can imagine the following day involved very little but recovery from the night before. Not till later did some of us screw on our heads and plan ahead to the next day which was to be used to climb the great wall. So we planned on which part to go too and then went to work on the tour desk to get the price dropped to a more reasonable price which we did and got a nice discount and all the crap we didn’t want taken off the tour. So we tried to get an early night as it was going to be a pre 6am start but this was cancelled due to the delights of Chinese new year and their love of firecrackers and fireworks, that went on till beyond the early hours of the morning and continued almost constantly for the next 2 weeks (as you can tell I’m writing this a little while after all this took place).
I awoke groggy from a short, bad, night’s sleep. Shaking off the grogginess quickly as excitement took over looking forward to fulfilling a lifetime dream to walk along the great wall. So the eight of us; Tony, Kirby, Emily, Eric, April, Rachel, Dan and myself met in the hostel lobby at a little after 0600 ready for our ‘private bus’ to the wall that we thought we had haggled and arranged the previous evening. That thought and illusion was destroyed when our tour guide, we didn’t ask for, arrived leading us to the bus. Then china struck again we weren’t led to a private bus but a tour bus with 20 other people in it. At least we were on our way and the tour we didn’t want began.
With a 4 hour or so drive ahead we were given a brief history of the wall which in all fairness was interesting and then were told to relax and sleep, happily done by the group. We were awoken by the tour guide so she could tell us the last few details on what was to happen at the wall and bleed us of more money that we weren’t expecting, which turned out to be a fee for the second part of the wall we were to walk on (this extra fee had not been mentioned at any point in the booking process or until this point, 5 minutes before arriving at the wall), Reluctantly everyone on the bus paid the extra money. upon arriving the tour guide ran off to apparently buy the tickets, which that evening on questioning the point at the hostel turned out to cost half what we paid (china strikes again!), down the road. When she reappeared we headed through the gate to the path leading to the wall 2km up a snowy path, let the adventure begin.
The walk started off flat gradually growing steeper and steeper along with the steepness ensued height in turn leading to snow and ice covering the narrow rocky path. Eventually we caught our first glimpse of the great wall and great it certainly is sitting on top of the horizon stretching across the peaks of the land meandering like a river following whatever course it feels.


A stretch of Great wall

A stretch of Great wall

The first contact on the wall was a dilapidated watch tower with ruined stairs in the direction we were due to follow and only two walls just holding each other up like two drunken ancient individuals depending on each other to remain upright. Looking out across the surrounding panorama I could have just sat and stared for hours lost in my own thoughts until darkness swallowed it and reality was returned. Unfortunately I couldn’t as the group had a good 10km hike ahead of us of who knew what kind of terrain. So we moved off ahead of the rest of the bus to get some space and not end up trudging along the wall behind a huge group of noise and commotion in such a beautiful location. This paid off as we hiked along the wall seeing views not blocked by 20 other people staring and taking photos and having a chance to really appreciate this piece of Ancient engineering for what it is. We continued along Jinshanling being faced by challenging Watchtowers that no longer have ladders to climb in and out of resulting in a whole series of team work tests to work our way through with us having to drop down 6-10ft out of some of the towers and descend almost vertical stairs designed for people with much smaller feet and jumping cracks and holes in the wall all making a great experience. This action eventually slowed as we entered the Simatai part of the wall as this section was slowly and partially being renovated a shame but I suppose a necessity to ensure the wall lasts another 2000 plus years. As we approached the end of this part of the wall we had to cross a large rope suspension bridge across a frozen river another spectacular sight on the far side of the bridge we were welcomed by the tour guide and told about our 2 options for getting back to the bus option 1) a further 2km hike down a path similar to the one we approached the wall by or option 2) a zip line back over the frozen lake straight to the bottom for about £3 obviously the second option was preferred by me. After putting on a rather old looking harness and being clipped onto the zip line with Emily, as the lady had specifically shouted “two go fast”, we pushed off and flew down the line. After everyone had regrouped at the bottom walking (losers) or flying we were crammed into a small blue minivan and taken in small groups to a restaurant for a Chinese buffet banquet and we all really ate our fill a good end to an amazing experience.
The 15th the other major thing I wanted to do while in Beijing was the Forbidden City I did it. All the group had already been before I had arrived in Beijing so just me and Rachel went on route having another great experience on the metro being shoved in and barged and pushed as people got on and off but good fun all the same. After getting off the metro we joined the hordes of people, clearly all doing the same thing as they were on holiday for Chinese New Year, heading towards the main entrance and passing under the huge portrait of Chairman Mao into the Forbidden City. The city is everything I thought it to be absolutely massive covered in history However because of the Masses of people the mystery and spaciousness wasn’t there like I thought it would be but still really impressive especially the gardens which in summer I imagine to be absolutely stunning. We spent the best part of the day wandering around the City with the GPS sensitive audio guide kicking in every now and again telling us all the information you would ever want to know about the City and all its palaces and shrines plus little stories about different emperors, concubines, wives and chambers, defiantly worth the 40 Yuan. After a few hours wandering around the Forbidden city we crossed the road opposite the main gate to Tiananmen Square and both embarrassingly couldn’t remember what exactly had happened there except for the fact there was a huge massacre, and because of Google in china blocking this sort of information I’m still not 100% on the details. Anyway we walked around it looked at the memorial in the Centre and stared at the building that houses Mao’s body, as entrance was closed due to Chinese New Year. On the way back to the hostel we decided to look for food but as you’ve probably already guessed everything was closed except for one place, thankfully, with a speciality of Beijing (Peking) duck and for £4 each got a whole duck sliced with all the trimmings plus rice and spring rolls. Later that evening back at the hostel, again in the group minus; Tony, Kirby, Emily, April and Eric who had gone to Tibet for a week, I managed to get myself invites to stay in Shenyang and Shanghai from Kira and Jami respectively, Shanghai being more in my itinerary than Shenyang, and with Kira being the pushy Auzzie she is made me swear I would come stay with her, Lockie (her sister) and Tommy along with Tom and Ollie who would be staying too. And me with no plans conceded and booked my ticket for the 17th.
Penultimate day in Beijing I did nothing I’m not going to lie I did nothing packed my stuff and relaxed and chatted to people. During the day ended up drinking cheap brandy and bijou with a few people Rachel and planned to go to Hooters Beijing Purely for a why not kind of thing and to say we have been nothing exciting and as I was with two girls who were more interested than myself due to the lack of ‘hooters’ (sorry Mimi) was a quiet night especially as I didn’t have the money to spend on the prices they wanted. But can know say been there done that and have the Beijing Hooters T-shirt.
So final day in Beijing finished packing and headed to the lama temple which me and Rachel ended up not being able to find and so just followed the crowds thinking they would be going to the temple ended up with us being taken into a huge park that was running a fair for the New Year festivities Which was fun and totally chaotic after a few hours of pushing and shoving while being stared at and having photos taken of me for being the tallest person there we headed off back to the hostel. I collected my stuff and headed to the train station did the whole wandering in circles to find my train and platform then when my train was ready I got groped and man handled into the crowd waiting for the doors to open. As soon as the door were opened hell was unleashed and I swear it was every man, woman and child for themselves to run to the train but me being me I just went along at my own pace got on the train threw my stuff in the overhead racks, watching fear turn to relief on the faces of the family underneath as my bag went up and didn’t fall on them, sat down and as I did the train closed its doors and got underway.
Now at this point I’m going to stop and start a new post on the journey to Shenyang and Shenyang as it’s likely to be short due to very little happening there. So take care and will put that up soon...

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Korea to Beijing ish

Backdated journey from the airport to Beijing.

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Ok I’m writing this sitting on a train from Beijing to Shenyang a city that I wasn’t planning on visiting until I met this huge group of people in Beijing. I will go back to them later as well as describe my time in Beijing, the 4th country on my travels.

So I flew out of Seoul on the 9th of February and landed in Beijing at about 1900 due a delay in Hong Kong. Took the airport express into the city and had my first experience of the subway which is just as expected full of pushing and shoving and not knowing which way is up. I arrived at the station the directions directed me to and fought my way through the crowds into the cold winter air of Beijing.

Finally in china after years of imagining it seeing it on TV the Olympics and in movies it was great to be here. At this point after travelling for 15 hours (including the loss of an hour) I was shattered and once again the directions were “accurate” accept for the direction you need to walk and from which of the 4 exits you go to the hostel. So after walking backwards and forwards over the same stretch of Beijing street, like a hooker with a lot of junk, I gave in and went for the trusty mobile approach to find out where to go and rang the hostel who said jump in a cab. So I did just that and had the cabby speak to the hostel over the phone (cheating I know but I couldn’t be bothered) we agreed a price of 100 Yuan, not knowing till later that I got ripped off. On arriving at ‘Sunlitun youth hostel’ the cabby tried to make me pay double and it took a whole lot of shaking my head and saying “NO 100!” and making myself look a lot bigger than he was, may I add not a difficult thing. So I walked the pathway between the main gate and the hostel really not having much hope that it would be much good considering the alley and car park I had to walk through to get to the hostel door. But was surprised when I got into the front door into a large open lobby full of activity warm smiles and information about all sorts of day trips and tours they can organise, to the left was the big common room/bar again buzzing with people talking, playing games and watching movies. Checking in was interesting as they had decided to write my name as George David not Nick Taylor for whatever reason but hey sorted that out in the end. Paid my £12 for my week’s accommodation and headed up to my room.

318 the number on my door, I swipe my card and enter the room get a smile from a guy and a girl lying on a bed next to the door and a welcoming hello. I introduce myself and get Kirby (the girl) and Tony (the guy) in response. While unpacking and chatting to Kirby and Tony they ask if I want to go have food with them which I had to turn down as I smelt like a homeless person and needed to shower, shave and the other ‘S’ but said I would join them later, Which I did feeling thoroughly refreshed and awake. While eating with them I met their friend Emily who I found would be sleeping on top of me in the room. From talking to these guys it turned out they were in a group of about 15 people all who had been teaching around china and had all met up in Beijing, so throughout the night and the rest of the week I met them all. They are all great people and full of so many characters and personalities that just bounce off each other with a few couples thrown into the mix for good balance and drama.

Anyway I will be back with another post before you know it, take care...

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Last couple of days in Seoul

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Ok this is going to be the first in a whole line of backdated posts because the internet here in China is abit slow for doing anything except for when i can actually plug in! and also because like homework back in school when i dont do something i just keep putting it off and off and off because im lazy...

So yeah the last days in Korea i went out to the National war museum which was so impressive vehicles of all types outside from Russia, America, the UK and Korea. Inside the museum there is details of war throughout time to i dont remember when. So when i arrived and was looking around the outside machines, memorials and statues a guy came up to me and asked if i was American. This man was a north korean Who had decided to come to south Korea at the age of 16 just before the war as he didnt approve of the regime. he walked around showing me around for a bit asking what i knew about the war and generally about the armed forces Knowing that i was British also made him more interested as he had fought with some brits and thought of them as "the bravest men in the world". After about 20 mins he shook my hand saying it was great to meet a young Englishman still understanding of the past and went his own way. for the preceeding few hours i wandered around the museum really getting lost in ore of it all. That night sat up with Mr kim and people from the hostel attaching the Soju until the early hours.

So the final day in Seoul i woke up late again and then started packing, walked around the local area for food and just chilled until the evening where my last meal was prepared and had an awesome meal the likes i had not seen the whole time i had been in Korea. got up early on the 9th and headed to the bus station all packed up, caught the 0530 bus and crashed for the hour it took to get to the airport. Once there had no problems chilled out got some breakfast and then headed for the plane.

Thats it for this one just a small post to fill in a blank space between the next one...

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